We design Internet of Things (IoT) solutions especially for the energy distribution sector. Data from distributed measurement points are sent by MyMeter concentrators but also by communication modules working in LTE/CAT-M network which we design and produce according to the needs.

The main applications are optimization of thermal energy supply with control of thermal comfort and control of electricity consumption in order to optimize its consumption in particular in industry and services.

The platform combining data from hubs and sensors is the Orange Live Object Platform, of which we are a partner.

As part of our implementation services we offer data integration in the client’s systems, but also create and share in the SaaS model applications for data visualization and optimization support both our own and our partners.

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One of our IoT solutions is

What is it for and how does it work?

How does it work?

Among our IoT solutions, we offer a system aimed at reading remotely power meters. It is made of both nxt© MyMeterBox and
nxt© MyMeterApp. This solution does not interfere with the metering system of Distribution Network Operator.

Our solutions make it possible to have greater control over energy expenses and power management. Our application makes it possible to easily and clearly show those information on a website you can run from your smartphone or PC.

Our system monitors the parameters that user has defined and provides him with feedback information in case of overpassing subscribed power thresholds. The system sends immediately SMS or e-mail messages reporting statuses.

nxt© MyMeter Box is compatible with any kind of power meter equipped with optical or RS485 interface.

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In short

It is flexible

You are able to get data with several time stamp frequencies

Is easy-to-use

You are able to control power use anywhere you are

Is reliable

Reliable device, high precision of power meter and sensor readings, reliability and stability of data transmission

You are able to monitor and control costs

You get a cost analysis per tariff and may choose another tariff solution that is optimal to your needs

What advantages do we get from ?

Presentation and data analysis

All screens are adapted to our customers’ business needs. Interface is easy-friendly and enables users to easily analyze their energy profiles.

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